Have you recently heard the wonderful news that your daughter is marrying the man of her dreams? If so, you are probably experiencing a lot of emotions, right? For example, while you might be excited about the news, you might also be feeling at least a little sad about the passage of time, about the fact that you will now be sharing your daughter with her new family. You might also be stressing over all that has to be done in the few months between now and your daughter's spring wedding. From renting party tents to arranging for catering, here are some ideas that might help you.

Party Tents For Rent

Are you planning an outdoor wedding event? Have you ever attended a wedding or a wedding reception where everybody had to run for cover because of unexpected rain showers? Perhaps you went to an outdoor wedding and you felt like you were baking under the hot rays of the sun. Of course, a spring wedding might mean that you'll have perfect weather, but are you willing to take a chance on that? Think of renting party tents that will not only serve as a cover during inclement weather, but that will add to the elegance of your daughter's wedding and wedding reception.

You should also consider how many people will be on the guest list. If you are having an intimate wedding with only family and close friends in attendance, one party tent will more than likely be enough. However, if you will be having many guests attend your daughter's wedding event, consider renting several party tents. The sales representative from the rental company will have the experience to tell you how many tents you'll need. Companies like Best  Price Tents can offer more information.

Wedding Catering

Even if you are known for being a fabulous chef, you probably don't want the stress of cooking for your daughter's wedding reception. Instead, consider arranging for wedding catering. The caterers will probably have many great suggestions for the menu, or they will work with the menu that you have already selected. Do you want an informal buffet where people serve themselves? Perhaps you want to provide an elegant seated dinner. Either way, the caterers will make it happen. The great part about having caterers is that, in addition to supplying a wonderful meal, they'll set everything up for you and then take everything down when your daughter's wedding and wedding reception are finished.