Half the fun of throwing a birthday bash for a child is planning the event. Picking a theme, deciding on the menu, and creating unique invitations is a blast for everyone involved. You want this to be a time that your child can always look back on with fondness, remembering how exciting the occasion turned out to be. If you want your child's birthday party to be a smashing success, the following tips will help you make that happen.

An Inflatable Water Slide Is A Showstopper

Hosting a child's birthday party when it's warm outside can open up a world of opportunities. There's no reason to have the party indoors when it's so much better to hold the event in a wide open space so everyone can take advantage of the great weather. Having a pool party is a great idea, and if you want to make the celebration even better, you can rent an inflatable water slide.

Inflatable water slides really add a wonderful element to a party. The kids will scream with glee as they take turns going down the slippery slide and end up making a big splash as they land in the pool. Renting the inflatable slide is also a time and money saver. Rental companies such as Affordable Inflatable Party Rental usually send out a crew to set up and take down the slide. No need to take out your own time doing this when there are so many other details to attend to.

After the event is over you won't have to worry about finding somewhere to store the inflatable slide. Send the slide back to the rental company and they'll store and protect it at their facility.

Hire A Magician

Children absolutely love watching magicians. There is just something about the mind of a child that can make it so easy for them to wrap themselves up in illusion, sitting almost spellbound as they wait for the magician to finish the trick. Incorporating a magician into the party lineup means that the partygoers will be fully occupied for several moments while you set up the next game or get the food ready for the children to enjoy after they have spent a few minutes being thoroughly entertained by the magician. 

If you follow these suggestions, your child's birthday party should be one for the history books. Work these tips into your party plans and watch as the event unfolds with excitement, fun, and a good time for all.