After ten, fifteen, twenty, or fifty years, you and your spouse may want to renew your wedding vows as a public way of recommitting to each other, or just to celebrate the fact that you have been married that long. In most cases where people renew their wedding vows, they tend to celebrate in a big way, much like they did when they were first married. In fact, most of the following components from the first wedding day are a part of a renewal celebration.

The DJ

Music is played. People dance. Sometimes the DJ is there for an hour only, and sometimes the couple hires him/her for the entire evening. It is rare, but some couples prefer to exclude the DJ, especially if they are celebrating their 50th, and would prefer to go home to bed early. If you are renewing your vows with your spouse, it is entirely up to you whether or not you include a DJ this time around.

The Caterer

The vow renewal always includes food. How you choose to serve guests eats is up to you. It does not need to be as fancy or as grandiose as the day you married. Most guests are content to get something like BBQ or catered food from a restaurant. You can hire a caterer, but you can also ask for a "no frills" family style meal. One protein, two starches, two veggie choices and rolls is typically sufficient for a wedding vow renewal dinner. As for dessert, you can buy a large sheet cake from a grocery store, or have a family member construct multi-layer cakes to cut and serve.

The Venue

A venue is a definite necessity. In fact, you can renew your vows in the venue, eat, drink, and/or party. The best part is that you will not need one giant table for the bridal party to sit at, nor will you need a table for the cake or a table for gifts. Everyone can sit where they like, and the venue does not have to be over the top. You could even rent a very large event tent and have the ceremony in your backyard, if you have the space for it.

Tables and Chairs

People need tables to eat, and chairs in which to sit. Thankfully, indoor venues provide these, and outdoor venues allow you to rent tables and chairs from a party store. If your renewal ceremony is close to home, outside, and is a very small, tight-knit affair, you can even ask your guests to bring their own tables and chairs.