The approach of the holiday season could mean an increase in business for your company. Your company might be a smaller retail store that is brand new. Or perhaps you sell a new product just entering the market that you want to entice new customers to buy. This time of year is one of the best times to hire product demonstrators to promote your products.

Why is the holiday season a great time to hire demonstrators to promote your products? There is more than one reason.

Get Your Brand Known

If you have a small retail store or perhaps you have created a brand new product for sale that you might want a retail store to carry, you need to let the public know you exist. When you hire product demonstrators, you not only get consumers to know your product exists, but you are also getting your brand name known to potential customers.

Demonstrators can be trained to learn not only about the product they are selling but about your business and what other products you sell. They can teach customers what makes your product different from others on the market. They can also show customers where they can find your products once the demonstration in the store is over.

If customers can try your product ahead of buying it, they are more likely to buy your brand instead of another. This also means they could keep coming back to your products as well as try any others you have. If customers don't buy the product in-store at the time of the demonstration, there are ways to potentially increase interest in a purchase at a later date. You could get their name and invite them to come to your store, or send them an email about future promotions.

This is known as lead generation and it could lead to future sales of your products.

Get Customers to Buy Your Products

During the busy holiday season, you are going to have a lot of competition for sales. This is especially true if you are producing an item where there are others already on the market that might have a better-known brand name. If you want your items to stand out during Thanksgiving or Christmas, then a demonstration of your product might give you an edge.

It's possible that when customers try your items in store, they might end up buying more for Christmas presents as well as for themselves. This could increase your potential for sales and the possibility of return customers – including those who were given your items as presents.

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