Your upcoming wedding is a joyous event that you want to have happen as smoothly as possible. You want a stress-free, affordable wedding, which is no easy feat.

You can rent many of the things you need for your wedding. When you rent items, you save money on your investment and don't have to worry about how you will re-use hundreds of items in the future. When planning your wedding, don't just think about what you have to buy for your guests and the wedding itself, think about what you can rent. Here are things you can rent for your wedding.

Tables and chairs

Providing enough seating for all the guests attending your wedding can be hard, particularly if you've chosen a venue that has limited seating or doesn't have tables and chairs, or you want to have your wedding in a private area. You can rent tables and chairs to properly seat your guests and provide eating areas.

What makes renting these things great is this: your rental usually includes set up and removal of the needed items so you don't have to worry about finding time to make these arrangements yourself. Costs for rentals are determined by how many tables and chairs you need, the styles you choose, and delivery and set-up fees.

Don't forget that you can also rent napkins, tablecloths, and chair covers from the same party rental supplier you rent your tables and chairs from. This way, you make your wedding look sophisticated and unique without having to buy these linen pieces outright.


You can buy your own centerpieces and arrange them into unique table displays yourself. You are left with the cost, time, and effort of putting these centerpieces together, plus you have to wonder how you are going to store your centerpieces or get rid of them when the wedding is over. Unless you plan on re-using centerpieces for other events in the future, consider renting them instead.

You can rent centerpieces that are uniquely designed to fit your wedding's theme and color scheme. Your wedding supply and party rental specialist will show you their inventory for centerpieces and can provide custom centerpiece designs for an added fee.

Serving items

Platters, warmers, and other items can be rented instead of purchased for your wedding. These items can be brought to you by your party rental specialist or your caterer, whichever you prefer. You need these items to keep food ready for hungry guests.

Contact a local wedding rental supplier for more details.