Professional wrestling is currently enjoying somewhat of a resurgence. The independent scene appears to draw larger crowds than several years ago. Wrestling fans wishing to become promoters can give running an event a try. Booking an arena and renting a ring aren't the only things necessary to run a show. The audience has to sit somewhere. Renting the best chairs means procuring seats appropriate for a wrestling show. Extra care and thought must go into the selection to make sure the fans go home happy.

Basic Folding Chairs Won't Cut It

The standard metal folding chair isn't a costly option, but it won't exactly be the most comfortable one either. Fans may sit in their seats for upwards of three hours. A stiff folding chair might lead to soreness. Promoters, like anyone else in business, want returning customers. Fans could opt not to return if their seating arrangements proved downright painful. Even a great wrestling show isn't worth lingering back pain. Renting chairs with cushioned seats and padded back support presents a comfortable alternative.

Use Colorful Chairs to Create the Right Atmosphere

While functional, gray folding chairs come off a bit dull. A wrestling event should present some fire and pizzazz on all levels. Gray chairs give off a school cafeteria look. Which isn't the atmosphere you want to create since wrestling events come off better when they embody an over-the-top atmosphere. Padded folding chairs are fine, but bold colored ones, such as lime-green or fire-engine red, capture customer's eyes. Bright and loud colors contribute to a "let your hair hang down" atmosphere. And isn't that what a wrestling event should embody?

Take Extra Steps to Reduce Unfortunate Incidents

The classic image of one pro wrestler hitting an opponent over the head with a steel chair is memorable. The action also comes with concussion risks and worse. Even though you may tell a wrestler not to use the chairs, he/she might ignore the directive. You cannot trust the fans with loose chairs either. Out-of-control fans have thrown folding chairs into the ring after being riled up. So, instead of renting individual folding chairs, why not rent ones bolted together in a row? Picking up one chair isn't tough, but lifting an entire row proves challenging. Make it harder for anyone to misuse a chair, which will decrease the chances of resultant deliberate or accidental injuries. Don't rely solely on a liability insurance policy; take proactive steps that reduce potential problems.

Also, don't wait until the last minute to book chair rentals. To get the best selection and best deal, plan and book ahead.