Creating memories is something that will naturally happen on the day that you get married. But you may be determined to make lasting memories that you can look back on in several ways. This means that you will want to put a lot of time and effort into planning the wedding. An important part of the wedding is the venue that you end up using for the ceremony and reception.

Unique Setting

Getting married in a courthouse may be memorable because you will be tying the knot with your partner, but you may find the setting itself somewhat lacking. Picking a venue with a unique setting will make it easy to create lasting memories because you can look back on having an exceptional experience.

For instance, you can find venues on the beach, in the woods, or along a cliffside. When you are interested in an indoor wedding, you can pick from places like The Manoa Grand Ballroom, restored barns, beautiful chapels, or high-rise venues with floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase a beautiful landscape or colorful city.


Hiring a single photographer can work well, especially for a small wedding, but it can come with some limitations. For instance, you will only be able to get one angle for events such as walking down the aisle, saying your vows, and having your first kiss. This is why you should consider hiring a second photographer for the wedding so that you end up with two photo collections.

If you want one photographer to handle certain tasks such as organizing planned shots while having the other professionals take care of candid shots, you may want to hire someone who has an assistant or frequently partners with another photographer as they will work well together. Some venues have several photographers that you can use when picking a wedding package.


Another professional worth hiring is a videographer because they can capture memories with action and sound. Instead of only getting a few still shots of your first kiss, you can have a videographer capture it from the beginning to the end, which you can watch later at any time.

Picking a venue with videography as a possible service is a great way to get someone who knows the venue and can provide you with lots of videos that have the best angles and lighting.

Planning a wedding with these tips in mind will help you create many lasting memories through the venue, photography, and videography.