With all the planning that goes into your wedding, one of the most important details is finding the perfect venue for your reception. If you are considering a destination wedding, the venue may already be set, but for a wedding held in a church or other location near home, you most likely need to find a place to go after the wedding for the reception. 

Look Close to The Church

If you can find a wedding reception venue that is close to the church, guest may be able to walk to the reception. Check with the church where the wedding is happening because they may have a reception hall that you can use as well. If they do not, the pastor may have suggestions for places nearby that other couples have used if you ask them.  

Hotel Receptions

Another great idea is to hold your reception in the banquet room of a local hotel. The room is typically very nice, and it can provide your guests with a comfortable place to celebrate with you. As a bonus, if you are serving alcohol at the reception, it provides a place that guests can get a room for the night if they can't drive home. For guests coming in from out of town, let them know where the reception is going to be, so they stay at that hotel if they want to. It is also a good idea to see if the hotel will offer a better rate for people attending the wedding. 

Specialty Reception Venues

For couples that are looking for a unique venue for their reception, there are some specialty venues in different areas that might appeal to you. Sometimes a theme wedding with carrying over to the reception. For instance, a western theme wedding with the groom and groomsman wearing cowboy boots and hats might carry over to a reception in an upscale barn that is decorated to the theme. Check with a local wedding planner or maybe at the bridal shop for places in your area that offer specialty venues or themes for the reception.

Outdoor Receptions

Depending on the time of year, outdoor receptions can be very popular. The reception might be in a park or at a local venue that offers outdoor services and can be a lot of fun. An early fall wedding could include an outdoor reception with leaves, lights, and casual clothing. Just be sure to let the guests know to bring a change of clothes if you are going to do something like this for your reception. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and really make the reception something to remember.