Nowadays, any device used inside a moving car is not a good idea. Even if you are the driver and you are not playing on a phone or portable game device, you will still be distracted by the noises your kids are making on their devices. So, how can you possibly play video games in a moving vehicle safely? The following suggestions can provide you with some rolling good times (literally!).

Taking the Party Bus to a Video Gaming Expo

Rent a party bus and take a group of gamers to a video gaming expo or gaming playoffs competition. Most of these party buses will allow you to bring electronics on board and along for the ride. Then everyone riding the bus can play video games without anyone being a distraction to each other or getting hurt. Since these party buses frequently provide WiFi, all portable gaming devices that use WiFi can connect to similar gaming devices on the bus for people to team up or play off against each other. 

Mobile Video Game Truck Services

This is a new craze sweeping the nation. Instead of a being a food truck, these trucks are tricked out with several flat screen TVs and multiple gaming systems for kids and adults to play. The trucks are mobile and/or made to order. For example, you could rent the services of such a truck to show up for a birthday party at your house.

You could also track down the location of a truck on its usual route through the city. The trucks that travel and make daily stops on certain streets and corners do so so that gamers in those neighborhoods can come down and play a few levels of their favorite games or just check out games in general. There is a small charge to enter the game truck to play, and the charge is used to maintain consoles and purchase new games. These trucks also try to get new games as they debut, allowing gamers to check them out, play a bit, and decide if they want to go buy their own version. The trucks generally do not travel with gamers inside.

Video Game Consoles and Headphones Built Into the Vehicle

Luxury automakers are willing and able to install a gaming console in your minivan or luxury vehicle. Similar to the DVD systems vehicles have, the gaming consoles have their own screens for players. The kids can plug in controllers and play each other for multi-person games, or play on their own. To make it less of a distraction while driving, these systems use gaming headphones to keep the car's interior nice and quiet for the driver.

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