Renting speakers is important for a variety of events that you may be planning, whether it's a presentation for your business, a wedding in your backyard, or a concert in the park. While your local audio/video rental service can supply you with the right speakers to suit your event, you should also rent some speaker stands. They're ideal for getting the speakers elevated, which will allow the sound to project effectively. Don't overlook the value of scrutinizing a few different speaker stands so that you can choose the right ones. Here are some attributes that these accessories should possess.


You'll generally find that a lot of speaker stands are collapsible, but it doesn't hurt to evaluate this trait on a few different models. Some speaker stands are easier to put up and take down, which can be advantageous in that you'll save time before and after your event. Some will collapse down smaller, too, which is handy if you need to transport them in a smaller vehicle with limited storage space. Don't be shy about putting up and taking down a few floor models so that you can decide which one will suit you best.


It's also important for the speaker stands that you rent to be able to tilt. Ask a rental specialist to show you how to mount a speaker into the stand, and then check out how much it will tilt. Being able to effectively tilt the speaker can change the sound, and this is especially critical in an enclosed space. For example, you might want to tilt the speakers down a little so that they're directing their sound at the crowd, rather than perhaps bouncing off the ceiling and creating an unpleasant echo.

Foot Style

Look at a few different models of speaker stands and pay special attention to their legs. You'll want stands that have feet that stretch widely. If the legs are too short, the structural integrity of the speaker stand — especially when it has a heavy speaker mounted to the top of it — is compromised. This is more important at some events than others. For example, if there will be young children running around who could potentially bump into one of the speaker stands, you'll definitely want longer legs. For indoor events, heavy rubber feet are also optimal, as they'll help to keep the stand firmly in place.

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