Planning a major anniversary celebration is a wonderful way to show how much you love the couple you're celebrating. But it can mean a lot of planning and stress for those responsible for putting the whole thing together. 

How can you reduce stress and still enjoy the party that everyone wants? Here are four ways.

Hire a Catering Hall. It's tempting to try to do an anniversary party at your home or that of another family member. But in addition to the pressures of simply planning the party and getting everyone there, you'll have to deal with getting your home ready for a lot of guests. Hiring a catering hall means that the catering, the eating area, parking, and utilities needed for a big party are already taken care of.

Delegate Tasks. Don't try to do everything yourself. You want everything to be perfect, but the more pressure you put on yourself and a very small team, the more likely things are to fall apart. Instead, let other family members, friends of yours, and friends of the anniversary couple take on responsibilities. Since a couple who have lived a happy life together aren't likely to need much in the way of practical gifts, taking on party responsibilities is a great way for others to show their love. 

Serve a Buffet. Plated dinners are luxurious, but they add extra drama and planning.You'll need to find out what dishes each guest wants, how you'll arrange seating, and how to budget for extra servers as well as extra space. Solve all of these challenges by serving a hot buffet instead. Buffets provide more options for each person and can help fit more diners into the same amount of space.

Decorate with Memories. Pull from the couple's life together to create inexpensive (or free) decor. Ask family members and friends to submit a photo or two from their time with the couple, then string these photos across the walls for a simple and cheap decor. Create a welcome table with pictures of the couple and their family. Opt for a simple sheet cake decorated with an edible printed photo from their original wedding. Or have family members contribute decor that makes them think of the wedding couple. 

Applying any of these ideas to your anniversary festivities will reduce your expenses and your stress factors. The result will be a party everyone enjoys and that doesn't break anyone's bank.