From choosing the dress and selecting bridesmaids to designing décor and invitations, planning a wedding is not meant to be easy. Although some choices seem more important than others, choosing the right venue should be at the top of your priority list. Not only should your venue be accessible, but it should also be suited to you and your groom's personalities. With this guide, you will learn a few important factors to consider when choosing the venue for your wedding reception.


Location is key when choosing a venue for your reception. The reception should be close to where your ceremony is being held. Therefore, if you are having the actual wedding ceremony in your church, the reception should be held within close proximity to ensure it is convenient for your guests.

Because of the convenience, many people hold their reception at the actual church. However, you can also plan your reception at a nearby banquet hall rental, restaurant, hotel, or outdoor space.

Also, you may want to consider a venue that is close to family and friends who will be attending as guests or attending as participants in your bridal party. Although destination weddings are nice, they may not be possible for certain loved ones.


Size also matters when choosing your reception venue. You will need a hall or space that offers sufficient space for your guests to be comfortable, but the size should also focus on what type of entertainment you will be offering your guests.

For example, if you will have dancing at the reception, make sure the reception hall offers enough space for a dance floor, DJ setup, or stage for a band.

Dining space will also be necessary, so make sure the venue can be set up to accommodate tables for you and your bridal party, immediate family, and all other guests. If you will provide a buffet of food and drinks, space for the buffet table and bar will also be needed.


Finally, learn if a particular venue offers any amenities that would be beneficial to your reception.

Many hotels and restaurants have caterers on site, which can reduce the time and stress of having to meet with and hire catering companies. Determine whether the venue has furnishings already on-site since you will need tables, chairs, and linens.

You may also want to choose a venue that has lighting and sound equipment already in place and available for your reception's use.

Planning your wedding reception does not have to be filled with stress. These factors will help you select the right reception venue for your special day.