If you are someone who dreams of making films one day, that love may have come from going to the movie theater. Grabbing that buttery popcorn, finding the perfect seat, and relaxing to enjoy the images on the screen can fill you with a sense of wonder and make you eager to impart that same feeling to other people. Although movie theaters are certainly wonderful places to go, there is another venue that can be even more beneficial:  A film festival. Film festivals are put on in many different cities all across the country each year. Going to a film festival can open up your eyes in so many ways and fuel your spirit to make your vision a reality.

Film Festivals Are Perfect For Networking

No matter how talented you are with your craft, it can be tough to enter a field when you don't have any contacts. Building a strong network in the film industry can really open doors that would otherwise remain shut for you. A good way to start gaining those valuable connections is to attend a film festival. The people you meet could end up becoming lifelong friends and colleagues who make your entrance into the film industry so much smoother.

Many of the films shown at film festivals are created by people who are new to the field. They had a brilliant idea, made it come to life, and vowed to share it with the world by showing their movie at a film festival. It's usually much easier to make personal contact with filmmakers who are just starting out because once they get to a certain level, they might grow to be so recognizable that they are forced to become more private. 

Gain New Ideas & Be Inspired

There is always room for more inspiration. Filmmakers push the boundaries of what used to be possible on the big screen and create worlds that you may have never thought of. Some of the films you'll see at a film festival are full of fantasy and are made by original, avant-garde people who march to the beat of their own drum. The pictures might be so unique that only a small part of the population will relate to them, so they don't make it to the movie theater. You can only see them if you take the time to go to a film festival.

Film festivals are wonderful occasions that are full of good vibes. Find a few that interest you, such as the Sacramento Film Festival, and take a road trip to see what film festivals have to offer.