If you plan to hold an event outdoors, a tent rental is exactly what you need. A tent will protect your guests from the weather and ensure you don't have to cancel on account of rain. When you rent a tent, you'll have a series of decisions to make. Answer these four questions to figure out what kind of tent rental will serve you best at your next event:

1. How many people will be present?

Before you start planning the logistics of your tent rental, you'll need to know how many people will be attending. Tents have limited occupancy due to considerations of safety and comfort. You'll need to rent a tent large enough to accommodate your entire party. For groups of up to 100 people, a 1,000 square foot tent is ideal. A 3,200 square foot tent can accommodate up to 320 people. If you plan to serve more or less people, a tent rental company representative can advise you.

2. Will people be seated the whole time?

The purpose of your event will factor into your rental decision as well. You can use a smaller tent at an event where guests will be sitting the entire time. Outdoor concerts don't require particularly large tents. If you plan to serve a buffet-style dinner, you'll need to factor in the additional space needed for safe, comfortable navigation. Dancing will also require additional room. In general, you should increase the size of your tent rental whenever you expect a greater degree of movement.

3. Do you require temperature control?

Depending on your location and the time of year when you plan to hold your event, you may require temperature control. In pleasant, mild weather, the natural breeze may be enough to keep your guests comfortable. Winter events can get chilly without proper heating. Fortunately, tent heaters are also available for rent. Your heaters will be set up outside the tent; they will blow warm air into the tent to keep the space from growing too cold. Fans and portable air conditioners are also available for summer events.

4. Do you require lighting?

When choosing a tent, you'll also have to take lighting into consideration. All evening events require electric lights, but certain daytime events may require additional lighting as well. If you plan to use ambient light, choose open-air tents that allow natural sunlight to enter. Closed tents with clear vinyl windows will also let in sunlight.

For more information about tent rentals, speak with a professional.