One of your job's main aspects as an event planner is finding an ideal space to host an event. However, choosing a perfect event venue is no easy feat, especially when you have to consider the number of attendees and the unique venue details required to facilitate the nature of the event.

Because a venue ultimately sets the ambiance and environment of an event, it is essential to consider several factors before settling for any particular venue. With that said, here are four crucial factors you need to consider before choosing an event venue.

Venue Capacity

Typically, it is easier to approximate the capacity you need for a formal event because the event sponsor usually has the list of the guests and their plus ones. However, when it comes to less formal occasions, where no official invites were issued to the attendees, you have to work with estimates.

Irrespective of the type of event (formal or informal), as an event planner, it is your utmost responsibility to ensure that the selected event venue can comfortably host all the expected attendees. Nonetheless, even if you have a fixed number of attendees expected to grace the event, it is advisable to pick a slightly larger event venue to ensure that guests do not seem crowded.  

If you are planning an informal event, it is advisable to consult the event sponsor about the estimated number of guests that are expected to attend. Thus, with the estimated number of guests, it is also advisable to select an event venue with a larger capacity because there is a possibility that some of the guests will bring additional company.

Location of the Venue 

As a rule of thumb, an event venue should be easily accessible. Additionally, the event venue should be centrally located to make it convenient for all the expected guests. For instance, if you are planning a wedding reception, it is advisable to ensure that the reception venue is close to the church so that guests do not waste time in traffic or have difficulty locating the venue.

Additionally, when considering the event venue's location, you also need to think about parking. Assuming that the various guests will be arriving in their cars, the availability of ample parking at the venue or at least a public parking lot nearby will make it more convenient for your guests.  

Type of Event

Every type of event typically requires a specific kind of venue. For instance, if you plan a conference, a convention center is more ideal than an empty hall. 

Remember, a convention center already has all the utilities needed for a convention set up, like internet, public address systems, tables, chairs, etc. If you select an empty hall as the conference venue, you will have to incur the hassle of setting up the amenities and removing them once the conference is concluded.  

Thus, before selecting an event venue, ensure it is adequately suited for the type of event you are planning.

Amenities at the Location 

An ideal event venue should cater to all the needs of the guests without compromise. For instance, if you are planning a birthday party or a wedding, you need to consider the availability of bathrooms, a kitchen, and a bar. Additionally, it is essential to consider if the venue has adequate facilities for disabled persons.

Typically, if you opt for an event venue without considering the available amenities, chances are something will go wrong. For instance, if the bathroom facilities are not sufficient to handle the number of guests, you may have to incur the additional costs of renting portable bathrooms. 

Alternatively, if your guests need to eat during the event, a kitchen would be ideal for preparing the food. However, if the event venue lacks a kitchen, you have to hire outside catering services, which is more expensive than preparing the food at the venue's kitchen.

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