Are you planning a large and complex wedding and reception? For many couples who are unused to planning big events, this can be a fun but daunting process. One often-underutilized tool that may be overlooked is actually quite simple: retractable mobile stanchions. How can you use these to solve various problems? Here are five ways.

1. To Direct Traffic

Large venues and those which have other activities going on can be confusing to your guests. Stanchions are simple setups that help funnel and direct traffic from the parking lot to your ceremony or reception location. They can also help politely corral people if you're checking invitations, have security set up at the door, or want people to wait to be seated by an attendant. 

2. To Keep Lines Tidy

Having a buffet or grazing tables? What about lines for bars and beverage station? Do you expect lines to form for the guest book, photo booth, or Instagram-worthy backdrops? Keep lines out of the way and prevent fire hazards by providing helpful stanchions connected by belts so people know where to stand. Guests are used to this setup at secular events, so they'll be comfortable using them. 

3. To Rope Off Areas

A large wedding will have several locations that should be off-limits to the general guest list. These may be the kitchens and vendor areas, other parties going on in the same area, backstage rooms, and rooms where wedding party members are preparing. Blocking off rooms, halls, and exits is easy and effective when you use two or three stanchions as a deterrent. And because they're mobile, you can move the same set around as much as necessary.

4. To Save on Effort

Many couples use helpers, staff, and vendors to do things like directing traffic and keeping guests out of the photography area. But can you save energy and deploy helpers for other projects by simply putting up a static barrier instead? Combine stanchions with signage that informs people, and you may not need to use a live person at all. 

5. To Create Drama

Practicality isn't the only thing stanchions have to offer a couple. Consider their ability to create a little excitement, drama, and anticipation. Placing a barrier in front of your venue or some facet of the evening, making guests wonder what it's guarding, and then opening it to reveal your vision will elevate your party to become an event to remember. 

Want to know more about renting and using retractable belt stanchions at your large wedding? Start by consulting with a wedding event rental facility in your area today.