While you might initially have an idea of what tables you want to rent for an event, it's always worthwhile to check what unique options are available at a local event rental center. Many of these companies have products that you may not have previously seen in person — and that you'll quickly know will be a good fit for your upcoming event. One table style that is available at many event rental companies is a hedge table. This piece of furniture gets its name from the artificial hedge that it has around its base. Hedge tables are often available for rent in several shapes and sizes. Here are some reasons that you may wish to rent this unique table for your event.

Brings The Outside In

A lot of people like the idea of having their events outdoors, but there are numerous logistical challenges to doing so. If you've given up on the idea of an outdoor event, you might wish to use hedge tables. They'll do a good job of giving your indoor event an outdoor feel, in a sense. For example, if you use a number of different hedge tables throughout the venue, they'll add a significant amount of green foliage that can immediately give your guests an outdoor feel — while still enjoying the conveniences of an indoor space.

Ties In With Your Color Scheme

Hedge tables are virtually always green, which can be a good fit with the color scheme at certain events. For example, if you're hosting a corporate event and your company uses green as its primary branding color, you may wish to rent hedge tables. This can especially be a good idea if you're able to find tables in which the color of the artificial hedge is similar to the green that you use in your branding. These tables can add a lot of green to the venue to support your company's color scheme.

May Prevent Setting Up Greenery

At some indoor events, organizers set up real or artificial plants to add some visual softness. This idea can work well, but it also presents another item on your to-do list when you're likely already busy with a lot of tasks. When you choose hedge tables for your venue, the greenery that they offer may allow you to skip setting up plants around the venue — after all, the tables themselves will create the look that you're going for. This can save you time and effort when you're already busy. Contact an event rental company to inquire about hedge tables for rent. A company like C & N Party Rental has more information.