Portable toilet rentals appear at a wide range of events and project sites. You might wonder if it's necessary to rent them, and there are several good reasons you should consider doing so.

Extra Capacity

Even if your location has significant toilet facilities, there does come a point where you might have less capacity than the folks there require. This commonly happens when sites with limited facilities see big events.

A county fairground, for example, probably doesn't need tons of facilities for most of the year. However, it could need a massive extension of capacity during the main fair season. Rather than maximizing the investment in more expensive and permanent toilets, the fair's organizers may procure portable bathroom rentals. You will sometimes see the addition of rental units for concerts, sporting events, and conventions for similar reasons.


The ability to move portable toilet rentals is relevant to many kinds of projects. If a company is clearing land and doing civil engineering work for a large site, it might need to start at one place and work toward another. As it does so, it can move the portable bathroom rentals along with the crew.

You will also see similar needs for projects that may move several miles at a time. Gas and oil drilling operations, for example, will frequently rely on rental units at the peak of the process.


System failures happen even in the best run of facilities. A location with sufficient capacity might find itself with emergency needs due to repairs, upgrades, accidents, or other occurrences. The ability to quickly station portable toilet rentals on the property may be the difference between staying open or closing.

Unsurprisingly, this also makes portable bathroom rentals popular with government agencies and private relief organizations during catastrophes. Rented systems can provide solutions while people work to get the regular facilities back online following events like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and snow storms.


Some locations are subject to regulations that require portable toilet rentals. A company doing construction near a body of water, for example, could face penalties if a worker pees in the woods. The simplest way to comply is often to rent portable toilets.


Some locations can make access to toilet facilities difficult. An office undergoing renovations, for example, might still have functioning bathrooms. However, they may be tough to access because of the work going on between some of the people and the facilities. Rather than making people march around the building, the business might put in portable bathroom rentals as accommodations.

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