A bounce house is an inflatable structure you can jump on like a trampoline. They come in many different themes and sizes, and you can rent them from party supply rental companies. When people arrive at your event and see that you rented a bounce house, they'll know you went above and beyond to ensure everyone has a great time.

You should consider renting a bounce house if you're having an event at your home or any location with some extra outdoor space. If there will be children at your event, they'll be pleased that you rented one and will likely spend most of their time in it. They even make them large enough for adults to use them.

They're Affordable 

While bounce houses look big and expensive, they're pretty affordable to rent. Since they're a popular rental choice for events and parties, they're not hard to find, so there's no extra charge like you'd find with rarer party items.

It's Better Than Buying One

If you decided to buy a bounce house instead of renting one, you'd have to pay much more and be responsible for keeping it safe and functioning. When you rent one, you save money, and you likely only need it for a short time anyway. When you own a bounce house, you have to worry more about maintenance, storage, long-term energy costs, etc. 

Lots of Themes

Bounce houses come in many different themes, so it's easy to find one that makes sense for your event. For example, if you're renting one for your kid's birthday party, and they're a big fan of a particular character, TV show, etc., you can rent a bounce house that matches that theme.

Different Sizes

Bounce houses come in many sizes, so you can rent one that makes sense for your event. If there will be a lot of people using it, you can opt to get an extra-large one, or you could get a smaller one for smaller events. If you plan on allowing adults to use it, make sure you get one that's large enough.

Give the Kids Something to Do

When you host an event for people of all ages, the mixture of adults and children sometimes makes it hard for people to have as much fun. However, if you rent a bounce house, most of the children will spend their time enjoying that, while the adults can spend time together without the kids being around.