Booking a wedding venue is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. But there are many things to consider when picking out the perfect place for your special day.

This handy checklist explores things to consider before booking your wedding venue to ensure you don't miss any details.

Size and Capacity 

The size and capacity of your wedding venue should be one of your top considerations when making a decision.

Make sure the space you choose is big enough to accommodate all your guests, plus vendors and other personnel working onsite. Additionally, check the maximum capacity for indoor and outdoor spaces in case you need to move activities due to weather. This is especially important if you plan on hosting your ceremony and reception in different areas.

Finally, make sure the room or space you choose is big enough to accommodate your desired furniture, decorations, and other items. And don't forget to leave room for movement, dancing, and other activities you may want to include in your celebration.

Location and Parking 

Once you narrow down a few venues that fit your needs in terms of size and capacity, it's time to focus on location. If you have out-of-town guests attending, try to pick a spot near public transportation or ample parking options if they plan on driving themselves.

Additionally, it might be helpful to select a location close to other attractions, such as bars or restaurants, in case people want something else to do afterward. This can be especially helpful if you plan on hosting a destination wedding. Your guests can take the opportunity to explore the area and plan their own activities.

Amenities and Services 

When you find a venue that meets your size and location requirements, it's time to determine what amenities and services they offer.

Some places may offer full-service packages with catering included, while others may require you to bring in outside help for certain elements like food or décor setup. Also, inquire about their alcohol policy — some venues can only provide beer and wine, while others can provide hard liquor. Depending on your preferences, this could be a deal breaker.

Find out if there are additional fees associated with bringing in outside vendors like DJs. You should ask about these services ahead of time so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

With so much riding on finding the perfect venue for your wedding day, it helps to have a checklist. When shopping around, ask yourself these questions, and ensure you get all the information upfront before signing on the dotted line. Once everything checks out, all that's left to do is celebrate and enjoy the special day you've been looking forward to.